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An Amazing Drivers Survey:


Yes, those other people on the road really are crazy.

You've probably heard of people who shave or brush their teeth while driving, but what about drivers who argue with their dogs, accidentally set themselves on fire with matches or debate puppets in their cars?

According to a survey by Pennzoil, those are a few of the strange behaviors reported by American drivers. Here are some other findings:

  • Southerners are the most likely to floss their teeth while driving.
  • Motorists in the Pacific Northwest are the most inclined to talk to themselves or argue with other passengers.
  • Midwesterners are more apt to change their clothes in traffic.
  • Californians are the least likely to read while driving.
  • One of the strangest statistics is that 45 percent of women and 4 percent of men nationwide say they've applied makeup on the road.

Pennzoil also compiled a list of the funniest things seen while driving, which included: parrots perched on steering wheels, iguanas lounging on dashboards, various romantic encounters, a car full of clowns and a vehicle in which all three occupants were chattering on cell phones.

Credit the Los Angeles Times


Success is:

To be able to carry money without spending it;

To be able to bear an injustice without retaliating;

To be able to do one's duty when critical eyes watch;

To be able to keep at the job until it is finished;

To be able to do the work and let others receive the recognition;

To be able to accept criticism without letting it whip you;

To lift up those who push you down;

To love when hate is all about you;

To follow God when others put detour signs in your path;

And real success is:

To have the peace of heart and mind because you have given God your best - this is the true measure of success!


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