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God is into multiplication - and that's what happens when you spread the word through cassette tapes, books, and teaching materials.

Here you will find a listing of ministry resources that are sure to help you spread the word that God is a good God, full of love and purpose for each individual that He created!

Frankly, we have been amazed at how effective these resources have been and for that reason we commend them to you and trust that by passing along these tapes, cd's, books and teaching materials many will be encouraged, healed, and find hope in Jesus!


Tapes and CD's by Naomi Mohr

Tapes by Guest Speakers

Tape Series by Naomi Mohr


Additional Ministry Items

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Tapes by Naomi Mohr - $5.00 each

CD's available for $6.00 each

Most tapes and CD's come with detailed study guides

T 001 The Power of Encouragement! Why do we need encouragement? What is the difference between praise and flattery? What are 49 positive character qualities? The miracle power of Love - explained and applied to your life.

T 002 Don't Let Go of Your Dream! An exciting testimony of an "All American Dream" that failed, and the encouragement and hope of a God that works all things together for good.

T 003 Surviving Seasons of Stress! This message will define the top ten most stressful events in life and list lasting answers to find God's peace and joy. It is possible to avoid burnout and learn to trust again.

T 004 The Power of Purpose. Did you know that regardless of any past failures God is willing and able to give you a "fresh vision" for your life! This message will give you 7 keys to finding and fulfilling God's purpose for your life. A life-changing message!

T 005 Conditioned for Life's Hurts. It has been said that pain is inevitable but misery is optional. Find out how to prepare for the challenges that face us, and how to overcome the disappointments that will most certainly come.

T 006 How to Hear the Voice of God. If you've ever wondered if it was God's voice or just an emotional reaction - then you will appreciate this practical message! Learn how to distinguish between the voice of God, Satan, and your own voice. You will gain new confidence in your ability to make the best decisions concerning your life.

T007 How to Develop Your Calling. You've always wanted to do something significant for God. This message will define the steps to identify your calling and list the stages you must pass through to develop a mature ministry that will bear lasting fruit.

T 008 The Power of Confidence. Why have we lost our confidence? How can we rebuild the confidence of those in and around our lives? Some great biblical illustrations to help you understand the anointing of God and how to restore your confidence and attain God's best for your life!

T 009 Overcoming Destructive Habits. Nearly every Christian has some area in his or her life that is less than victorious. This message will help you discover powerful principals to conquer those destructive habits and live a consistent and effective Christian life.

T 011 You and God's Gifts! Why do Christians have conflicts? How can I understand my teenager? Why don't Christian leaders work together in harmony? This message is a condensed version of the seminar "Understand Ourselves and Our Gifts!" A great introduction to an exciting new view of life!

T 012 The Joy of Christmas! This delightful time of year is made brighter with an inspirational message filled with music, holiday traditions and a teaching on keeping Christ the center of our Christmas. Taped before an audience of 750 women, this message will be a blessing all year long!

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Additional Tapes by Guest Speakers - $5.00

TG 001 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - Pati Kachel. A riveting look at self-esteem with humorous and insightful speaker Pati Kachel

TG 002 Give Me A Break- Pati Kachel. Learn how to be renewed, enter into the Sabbath rest and get your spiritual batteries re-charged. A much needed message in this stress-filled world.

TG 003 Revitalizing Marriages - Rev. Connie Swain, Family and Marriage Counselor. The secret to a long and happy marriage is promised in this message. Discover scriptural truths presented with humor including tips on how to train your husband!

TG 004 Why the Holy Spirit Came - Deborah M. Gill, Ph. D. Clear, biblical truths on how to understand and appropriate the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit by a much-loved teacher at Women Alive!

TG 005 Love Them While You Can - Deborah M. Gill, Ph. D. Our loved ones may only be here for a short while. Pastor Debbie will help you understand the pain and disappointments in life, and motivate you to take every precious opportunity to love those in your life while you can.

TG 006 Lessons I've Learned in Prayer - Deborah M. Gill, Ph. D. A cherished teacher, Pastor Debbie gives us 3 types of prayer and the lessons she learned in applying the truths of prayer to her personal life. This is a "must have" message.

TG 007 The Biblical Basis for Women in Ministry - Deborah M. Gill, Ph. D. If certain passages of scripture have left you confused about women using their God- given gifts, you will be refreshed and encouraged by this balanced and scriptural teaching on the case for women in ministry.

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Tape Series by Naomi Mohr

TS 001 The Power of Purpose - 3 tape/CD series with study guides - $15.00
"Finding and Fulfilling God's Purpose for your life! Includes: "The Power of Purpose", "How to Hear the Voice of God", and "How to Develop your Calling "

TS 002 The Power of Confidence - 3 tape/CD series with study guides - $15.00 "Rebuilding lives, restoring hope" Includes: "The Power of Confidence" "Conditioned for Life's Hurts" and "Surviving Seasons of Stress! "

TS 003 Understanding Ourselves and Our Gifts! - 5 tape series - $25.00 Includes Introduction to Motivational Gifts; Characteristics of Gifts; Mis-Uses of Gifts; Negative and Positive Traits; Direction for Change. An insightful seminar that will help you understand yourself, avoid conflicts, and find your place in the body of Christ.

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B 001 Understanding Ourselves and Our Gifts! - 32 page seminar book $15.00 A fill-in-the- blank study guide with detailed information on each spiritual gift, including scriptural references, children and spiritual gifts, along with personal illustrations to help you respond to this powerful message and apply it to your life. A necessary companion to the tape series TS003.

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Additional Ministry Items

AI 001 "Stress Reducer" Magnet - $1.50 each or 5 for $6.50, 10 for $12.00 A great reminder to Pray!

When the stress is on - Remember to Pray.

Prayer clears the vision * quiets the nerves * defines duty
* strengthens purpose * sweetens the spirit * and fortifies the soul

The Lord will perfect that which concerns me. Psalm 138:8


AI 002 "Free Hug Coupons" - Package of 20 - $1.00 each. You need 10 hugs a day just to stay emotionally healthy. Spread the message of hugging with this encouraging little resource!

AI 003 Encouragement Notes - Package of 25 individual notes $1.00 each . A short note sent is better than a long one intended! These encouragement notes will assist you in writing that much needed word of thanks or appreciation to those God brings to your mind. Each pad has an appropriate scripture on the bottom.

AI 004 49 Character Qualities - Build a Vocabulary of Encouragement - $.75 each. A heavy weight card (8 l/2" by 11") listing the 49 Character Qualities with the positive and negative traits, and a description along with a scriptural reference for each quality. Use in your personal devotions, Bible study class or family devotions. A great help in building a vocabulary of encouragement!

AI 005 Scripture Lamb - Ceramic Lamb with 100 daily scripture cards - $12.00. An uplifting word from the Bible to help you meditate on God's promises all day long. Makes a great gift for children and adults.

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