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The Power of LOVE

March 2002

A few thoughts from Naomi


I was born into a wonderful Norwegian home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My mothers' parents were born in Norway and my fathers' parents were also full blooded Norwegians.

So - I couldn't be more Norwegian!

There are many good things about being Scandinavian - but there was one deficit that I noted early on in life.

Norwegians have a hard time showing their emotions. Perhaps you can relate to that??

My mother was one of eight children brought up on a farm in Wisconsin. She told me about her loving family life, and fondly remembered times when her father had shown some affection to her.

She said that when her dad was pleased with her or wanted to show his love for her he would gently pat her on the head. That was it! Then she knew that she was LOVED!

It was enough for her - because she KNEW she was loved.

I heard a story about an dear Norwegian man who was grieving over the death of his wife and he said .

"You know - I loved her so much - I almost told her!" :-)

Love means different things to different people. I hope you have said I love you to those you care about!

I had been a Christian about 4 years when I began to learn about the Power of Love.

I met a wonderful lady that had a powerful impact on my life. Her name was Marlene and she said something about people that I never forgot.

She said, " I look at EVERY PERSON that God places in my life as a present.

When I think of them - I picture each one with a BIG BOW around their neck.

They are a present from God to my life. And I decided to treat them VERY SPECIAL."

How do you look at the people in your life??

ARE THEY A Pressure or a PRESENT??

God doesn't make any mistakes! The people that God places in your life are there for a purpose.

Your spouse - your parents - your children - your employer - your employees - your pastors - your friends!

Every person is a GIFT from GOD!!

When I married many years ago I was sure this was the most wonderful, loving relationship anyone could ever have.

Just three years later I found myself alone. My marriage had ended and I faced the fact that I would be raising my children alone.

I was quite a sight . . . dragging my two children, Sally and Stephen back to church. They were two and four years old.

Bound to alcohol, tobacco and very heavily involved in the occult - I had just given my life to Jesus and was beginning a new life!

The difficult circumstances I had to face were the result of some poor choices on my part - and now I was confronted by the claims of a living God who said that if I . . . . .

"Walked day - by - day with my hand in His - He would teach me how to know Him and understand what TRUE LOVE was all about."

God is so good! I decided to put my life back into His hands - and see what REAL LOVE was all about!

I began to read God's word and was determined to let Him restore the years that I had wasted!

Perhaps YOU have been there too. Maybe you have been through a divorce - or maybe you have lost a loving spouse and are spending your days alone.

Maybe you NEVER MARRIED and feel like God somehow overlooked you - and doesn't care about your need to be loved!

Perhaps Valentines Day was a little bit lonely for you!

Each one of us

  • NEED to be LOVED

God says in His Word that you are precious and beloved in His sight!

EACH one of us - is very special and IS uniquely LOVED by God - and He wants us to know that , and love Him in return.

I want to encourage you today to make yourself available to Jesus - and let HIM fill you with HIS love. He will NEVER let you down.

The Bible says He will never leave or forsake us. God is a loving father, a FRIEND who sticks closer than a brother, and we can trust HIM to meet all our needs.

He sent His son Jesus to be all that we need.

Wherever we are in life There is only one person who can meet our needs.

Let's make today a day where we receive a fresh touch from Him - A time of renewing our LOVE for JESUS

And a time to receive that special - never ending LOVE from Him! Please pray along with me - right now!


Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank you for each one reading these words today. Every man and every woman, every young person, every husband and every wife. Lord - I know how much you love us all.

I'm asking you right now Jesus - to come and touch each one of us - just where we need to be touched. Let your HOLY SPIRIT be our comforter and friend today!

Would you please fill us with your LOVE and PEACE and JOY!!

Thank you that regardless of our circumstances we can face the future with confidence - Because you DO Live, and you Love us Unconditionally!

Remind us to draw on your love and then pass that LOVE on to each person you place in our lives.

Thank you Jesus! Amen!!

If you are not certain that you are a Christian please e-mail me at and I will be happy to pray with you and send you some more information.

At Mohr Ministries we have a vision! To touch women and men for Jesus Christ. Our desire is that you find and fulfill the exciting plan He has for your life. Developing your gifts and finding a place of service will be the most exciting discovery of your life.

Don't give up - God is not finished with you yet!

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Joyfully Serving Jesus! Naomi :-)

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