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 Booking Information


The ministry of Naomi Mohr is not supported by any church, or church-related organization. This is Naomi's calling from God and her financial needs are met by those persons whose lives are challenged and blessed as a result of her ministry.

She has been in ministry for 25 years and has had the opportunity to minister in churches of nearly every denomination, across the United States and in Europe.

Naomi prefers to come and speak for a love offering whenever possible, recognizing God as her source of supply. Since many people are unaware of the costs of a ministry such as this, we have established some guidelines we use only as a means of communicating our needs to an individual or church.

Some groups and churches are unable to meet the guidelines, others exceed them -   God balances the books. A suggested honorarium will be quoted upon request.

It would be Naomi's joy to be a part of your next event! Please read on and then contact us for printed information and a color brochure.

What are the goals for your event?

Inspiration, Exhortation, Encouragement, Evangelism, Outreach, Motivation, Teaching, Entertainment?
All of these considerations are valid depending upon what you want to accomplish for your event.

Narrow down what you want so your speaker can be selected accordingly. Do you have a specific theme and does the speaker you're considering have suitable material? Are they willing to develop new material? These are important questions.
How do I set up a budget?
Some speakers will negotiate their fees others won't

Naomi prefers to come for a love offering, however many churches and groups     are more comfortable with an agreed upon honorarium. She is willing to negotiate a fee or honorarium according to your budget.

There are some guidelines to be considered, such as:

How many times she is to speak
How many people will be in attendance
How many study guides and teaching materials will be needed
The number of days for the event, etc.

Just contact us and we'll consider them together!

Travel Expenses:

Don't forget travel expenses! Generally if an event is within a 1/2 hour drive from a speaker's home there is no travel compensation. If more than 1/2 hour, then it's reasonable to reimburse mileage at the current rate, which is $ .50 per mile round trip. Air fare, meals and accommodations are other expenses that you need to budget    into the price you will charge for people to attend.

What about a deposit?
A deposit serves as a commitment between the speaker and church or group. Speakers will have different ways of handling the financial arrangements. These guidelines have worked well for us at Mohr Ministries. Please let us know if you  have any questions.

In addition to an honorarium - or offering - we ask for:

A deposit of $ 50.00 to secure the date for an event, (luncheon, banquet, or similar meeting) along with a letter of confirmation, a map and written directions to the location of the event. (This can be done online.)

A deposit of $100.00 is necessary to secure the date for a 1, 2, or 3 day Retreat, or a Women Alive! Conference. A conference packet is available with specific information on how to set up a Women Alive! Conference.

Financial arrangements for the seminar "Understanding Ourselves & Our Gifts!" has some basic fee guidelines. This can be a one or two day session, or presented on a Sunday evening or weekday in 5 weekly sessions.

This seminar includes the 32 page seminar workbook and is an excellent tool for men, women, church staffs, leadership development, singles, and teens. Please ask for more information about this!

What we need from you:
The equipment needed for a seminar would be:

  • A podium and a microphone
  • A screen (or white wall) that can be easily viewed by the audience.
  • Naomi will bring a video projector unless you have one.
  • A table where we can make available brochures, teaching materials, and Tapes/CD's for purchase by those in attendance.

What about recommendations?
Do you have acceptable recommendations for the speaker?
There is no better way you can get a "feel" for what you can expect from a speaker than by reading the comments and recommendations from those who previously booked the speaker. We have some of Naomi's recommendations listed in her color ministry brochure and on this site. To read more click on "What Others Are Saying …"

What about promotional materials?

Mohr Ministries will provide, at no cost to you:
  • Ministry brochures, a brief biography and information suitable for news releases.
  • We will also provide a black and white or color photo, that you may use in promoting the event.
  • We can also help in producing a promotional flyer specific to your event that you may reproduce as a bulletin insert or poster.

You are encouraged to call or e-mail us for further information!

Contact us at - Call us at 651-686-4688

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