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Ministry Reports


1999 - 2000

Amsterdam 2000

Amsterdam 2000 - Update 4/1/01

Belgium 1999


Amsterdam 2000

I arrived with a heart full of excitement for all I would learn during this historic conference!

It was an awesome site to see 10,200 men and women from over 200 countries worshipping and learning together! The place was the RAI Convention center in Amsterdam Netherlands, and the occasion was the Billy Graham Conference for preaching evangelists.

Our day began with breakfast at our hotels, and then a tram took us to the RAI Center where the first meeting began at 9:00 a.m. We had two plenary sessions in the morning, received a sack lunch and had a 45 minute break. Then it was seminars and workshops until 3:00 p.m. with dinner starting at 4:20 p.m. and the evening plenary session beginning at 6:00 p.m.

It was incredible to see how the 900 volunteer "stewards" from BGEA serve 3,500 persons at each of three meal sittings.

These volunteers helped with every phase of the conference and everything was done so orderly that it was a pleasure to be a part of this historic event!

The networking with fellow ministers from around the world was a real benefit of this concentrated time of learning. We are all committed to serving the Lord to the best of our abilities. This 9 day conference featured the "best of the best" who came to share, encourage and instruct us on how to reach our "worlds" for Christ! What a privilege to serve the Lord!

Saturday I met The Reverend Paul Doe from the Ivory Coast in Africa. He is the Academic Dean of an Assembly of God Bible College and has a vital ministry to couples on courtship, marriage, missions and theology. His wisdom and insight was refreshing and his invitation to come and minister is one I will sincerely pray about!

Tuesday the Assemblies of God Evangelists from over 35 countries met for a time of fellowship. It was a delight to hear what God is doing around the world and encourage each other! There were about 1,000 Assembly of God men and women in attendance here at Amsterdam 2000. I'm the short white lady in the middle of the second row!

A special joy for me was the plenary session by Anne Graham Lotz on the Evangelist and the Bible, and her afternoon session on "How to Hear from God!" Her message was excellent, and she gave practical instruction on how to read the Bible and answer three questions that will help us hear from the Lord! Look for further explanation of this truth in a future article.

No, Billy Graham was not able to attend, but his written greeting given by his son Franklin, was a great encouragement and of course we are all trusting that this needed rest will only improve his health and ministry for the coming years.

Thanks for praying for God's work in the hearts of each one in attendance and his anointing on all those who teach and serve!

For daily updates and live web casts check out the Amsterdam 2000 official website at:


Amsterdam 2000 - Update

September 1, 2000

It's hard to believe I've been home for three weeks and am just beginning to assimilate all I have experienced and learned!

On Wednesday, August 2nd, we had a little break. It was our only personal day and I took advantage of the opportunity to take a bus tour.

Along with hundreds of other Amsterdam 2000 participants, and my good friend Luisa, we went on a 4 1/2 hour tour of the Netherlands. In addition to the beautiful scenery, we toured a shop were they make those great wooden shoes, and a cheese factory where we had some of the best cheese I've ever tasted!

The evening service featured Charles Colson and was a powerful conclusion to this special day.

My friend and Mohr Ministries board member, Luisa is on staff at BGEA (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association). On Friday I had the privilege of going backstage with her. The T.V. production department is incredible! I am still amazed at all the details, and the fine coordination it took to pull off this incredible event in style!

Each participant received a back pack from Samaritans Purse, along with two shirts, and a tie. We also received a shoulder bag with notebook, books, a Bible and several other resources from BGEA. Billy Graham really invested in the lives and ministry of each one in attendance!

As I reflect on those inspiring days there are two things I would like to highlight.

First - America is only ONE of over 200 countries that have men and women who love the Lord and are determined to tell others of God's love for them!

I know that seems insignificant to say - but my eyes were opened in a whole new way to the thousands of men and women that are deeply committed to sharing the love of Jesus in countries around the world. I met them, heard their hearts, their testimonies, and saw their zeal for the Lord. What a privilege!

Peter Ngong, from Cameroon, the Director of Media for the Baptist Association became a dear friend. Also, Grandma Doris, a 76 year old missionary to Kenya, and Ruth from Zimbabwe who has been ministering in Japan for 9 years. Seni Solo from the Kingdom of Tonga is with Campus Crusade for Christ. Another special friend is Josephine Ayers (Jo) who has an Evangelistic ministry in San Diego. It was my great joy to pray with and get to know these and many others!

Secondly - As a woman - I was re-affirmed in my calling and the need to continue developing the ministry God has given us!

Anne Graham Lotz has been called "the best preacher in the family" by her father Billy Graham. Anne says that God has given her a message and she feels compelled by Him to deliver it!

She is a wonderful example for us women in ministry. I encourage you to read the major address she gave. It was fabulous! You can read more about Anne Lotz and her ministry - just click here "Just Give Me Jesus!"

The closing session on Sunday, August 6th brought this remarkable conference to an end. It began with some music and a video greeting from Billy and Ruth Graham at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. They both looked so good.

World Vision presented 50 teens from 50 different countries that ministered in music - each one in their native dress. It was awesome!

Billy Graham gave an eight minute challenge to each of us as we return to our homes. He encouraged us to "Hold the light high, and with the light of thousands of other participants from around the world we can make a fire that will shine brightly." It was so good to hear from him.

We had a moving communion service with over 12,000 men and women. There were two phrases used that have new meaning for me. We were encouraged to "Take advantage of Christ's body" and "Take advantage of His blood."

What a good word! For it is Christ's death and resurrection that brings us forgiveness and eternal life! Let's take advantage of that and tell others!

They took down the beautiful banner of the Cross and it was carried out by people from every nation. We left Amsterdam 2000 with the words of Damaris' song ringing in our hearts - "Go Tell It On the Mountain."

What a privilege to serve the Lord!


Belgium 1999

Belgium is a small country bordered by France on the west and Germany on the east. The city of Antwerp is one of the top five shipping ports in the world and is known for it's fine diamonds, lace and delicious chocolate. Yum!!

Brussels, Belgium is the economic and political center of the world and regularly hosts world leaders who meet to discuss and find solutions to political problems.

Belgium is also a very dark country spiritually. Only 1% of it's citizens are Christians. The country is dotted with beautiful cathedrals that are primarily used as museums with little religious significance. There is a deep distrust of religious systems and an anger at a God who seems distant and unconcerned about them. The unemployment rate is one of the highest in the world and many are unable to find suitable work.

It is into this country that God brought us with a word of hope and encouragement. God showed us that He was "Softly and Tenderly" calling these dear people to Himself. What a privilege to serve Jesus!

Diana, Steve's wife, and I left Minneapolis, MN October 15th, 1999 for a 2 ½ week ministry trip that many of you were a part of. Your prayers and financial support made it possible for us to minister at 6 different locations to several hundred people. THANK YOU!

We arrived on Saturday, October 16th and began our ministry the next day at the International American Protestant Church of Antwerp at their Sunday morning service. I was happy to sing in the choir along with Diana, and Diana ministered as the special music for the service. This church is something like a Presbyterian Church where the gospel is clearly preached and the service is in English. People from all over the world who speak English come here to worship because the language is familiar to them

After a brief sightseeing trip to Brugge, we attended the International Christian Women's Club of Antwerp, where Diana was the featured singer for their women's brunch. About 65 women from several countries enjoyed a beautiful brunch and heard a clear presentation of the gospel. The final song Diana sang "Rain Upon Your Desert" was used by the Lord to especially touch several of the ladies. Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, October 20th was our next time of ministry. I had the joy of speaking at the MANSE, which is the parsonage for the International American Protestant Church in Antwerp. We had a one day seminar on "Understanding Ourselves and Our Spiritual Gifts!" It was an exciting, motivational day as all those in attendance came to understand themselves and how their spiritual gifts could be used in the Kingdom of God. Ladies from several different churches attended and God used that 5 hour seminar in a marvelous way in their lives!

After the seminar we left for two days in Paris. . . returning home on Friday evening to prepare for ministry on Saturday.

The Philadelphia Church, a Dutch Pentecostal Church was the host for our ministry on Saturday, October 23rd. Since most of the ladies spoke very little English, I spoke through an interpreter.

Nina, a lovely Norwegian gal, faithfully interpreted my words into Flemish, a Dutch dialect. What I anticipated to be a difficult time of ministry turned out wonderful! My message was on "Surviving Seasons of Stress!" and God used us to minister to the deep needs of the women who were present. We had opportunity to pray with several after the service. Nina and I are praying about a possible ministry trip to Norway where she would be my interpreter! God is so good!

Sunday morning we worshipped with 250 Dutch Pentecostal people at the Philadelphia Church. This is considered a "mega" church in Belgium where average attendance is between 40 and 50 people.

The service was entirely in Dutch, however, there were at least 3 other languages interpreted for those who did not understand Dutch. Our English interpreter was Mark Rykbosch whose family has become very special to me. There were also Interpreters in French, and Cantonese. What a marvelous message from Rev. Michael Williams on the topic of "Living Stones". It will be on our web site. on the "Sensational Singles" page.

Our next ministry opportunity was at Waterloo Christian Center, in Waterloo, Belgium, which is an Assembly of God Church pastored by Terry and Ruthanne Hoggard. It is a huge church of 450 persons. It is a "Church of All Nations" and a hub of missionary activity in the Brussels area. Pastor Terry and his family are Assembly of God missionaries who have been in Belgium for 10 years ministering to the Belgian community in a powerful way.

I spoke at the Wednesday evening service on the topic of "The Power of Purpose!" finding and fulfilling God's purpose for your life! Pastor Terry said the message we brought, was "ordained of the Lord" for their congregation for this time. Speaking to an International group of people, my words were interpreted simultaneously into French and Dutch by interpreters in booths in the back of the sanctuary. Those who could not understand English had head phones which they could turn to their particular language.

The ministry time after the service was extended as many came up for prayer to hear from the Lord for their particular needs. It was a powerful time of ministry.

Ruthanne, Pastor Terry's wife, invited us back to present a Women Alive! Conference in the year 2001, after their furlough. What a joy it will be to come back again and minister there!

Our final ministry time was at the 1st International Baptist Church in Brussels. I presented a message on "The Power of Purpose" to a group of ladies who were deeply touched by the encouragement from the Lord! Diana led in a time of worship and closed the meeting by singing a song that God used in every setting to touch the hearts of these people. "I will Rain Upon Your Desert, says the Lord!" It was evident that the Christians there in Belgium needed refreshing and encouragement. How wonderful it was to be a tool of the Lord to do just that!

We had three special opportunities while we were in Belgium. One was a visit to a concentration camp just outside Antwerp where thousands were detained, tortured and killed during the holocaust. Fort Breendonk was a sober reminder of man's inhumanity to man and our great need for a Savior.

We spent a very special day on a train to Haarlem, Holland where we toured the home of Corrie ten Boom, which is still a watchmakers shop. I sat in tears as we listened to a Dutch lady tell the story of Corrie's father who was determined to suffer with the Jewish people, and their struggle to help, and hide Jewish people and others who were in danger. Corrie's life and ministry are a powerful example of what one person can do to spread God's love! Be sure to see the movie or read the book, "The Hiding Place".

The third event was a visit to the Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium. This school is operated by the Assemblies of God and is the only school in all of Europe where students can come to study for the ministry. There are currently 65 students from 25 different countries speaking 26 different languages. Many of these students, men and women, will go back to their native land and minister there.

The missionaries who teach at the seminary are living and serving in a difficult land, and sacrificing much in order to see the gospel go forth. We need to pray for them and support them financially. Please remember Jim and Maralyn, Tina, Shannon, Sharon, and Yana in your prayers.

Although Belgium is a dark country spiritually - God used us, in a small way, to bring a light to these dear people. Thank you for praying and caring. It is a privilege to serve the Lord!



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Joyfully Serving Jesus! - Naomi :-)


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