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Surviving Seasons of Stress!

Is it possible? Maybe yes , maybe no!

Do you know the difference between anxiety and fear? When you know what you are afraid of you are actually experiencing FEAR.

True ANXIETY is being afraid but having no idea what it is that you fear.

Someone once said:

The depth of your anxiety measures the distance you are from God!

If that is true, how far are you from God? How deep is the anxiety that you carry?

A gallup poll stated that 30 to 40% of all Americans suffer from anxiety and stress, and 15 million are treated professionally for it! What are the issues that have you "Stressed out"? How are you handling relationships, children, finances and health issues? Have you given up on having a "stress-free" life?

Don't give up yet - there is some practical help for you! Stress is a fact of life, but God has given us some KEYS in scripture to well-being under stress.

Now some stress is good for us. We wouldn't want to remove all the stress in our lives. But there are some stress issues that cause us great pain. For those issues, it is important that we learn how to handle stress and make it work FOR US instead of against us!

Not long ago I came across a stress chart that measured the effect of different stressful events on our lives. They had listed 100 stressful events and given each event a "Stress impact" point value from 100 for the death of a spouse to 11 for a minor traffic violation.

In this study it was stated that if a person were to accumulate 200 or more "stress units" in one 12 month period they were a likely candidate for a psychiatric disorder or a medical problem.

As a brief illustration I took a 12 month period in the life of my mother - Vi Walseth, and tallied the points she accumulated during the period after the death of her husband, my dad. We began with the 100 stress points for the death of a spouse and her chart read as follows:

1. May 1991 Death of a spouse 100 stress units

2. June Loss of a job 47 stress units

3. June Change in Finances 38 stress units

4 Change in number of arguments/spouse 35 stress units

5. Sept. 1991 Bought Condo & Mortgage 31 stress units

6. Change in living conditions 25 stress units

7. Change in residence 20 stress units

8. Change in social activities 18 stress units

9. Change in sleeping habits 16 stress units

10. Change in eating habits 15 stress units

11. March 1992 Major illness/total knee replacement 53 stress units

To my surprise, in less then one 12 month period my mother tallied 398 stress units!

Remember it was said that if you accumulate over 200 stress units in one 12 month period you would be a likely candidate for a psychiatric disorder or a medical problem.

Now you may ask "How was your mother doing during that time?" I am pleased to say that she was fine. There are three key reasons for her well-being under stress.

She learned to LAUGH

Can laughter reduce Stress? YES! Laughter is a great stress reducer. Some physicians say they can cure tension headaches by getting patients to laugh. Laughter is good exercise too. Some have called it "Internal Jogging". So laugh - it's good for you!

The 2nd key to well-being under stress is just as important.

Talk to Friends

We all need a safe place - one or two carefully chosen people - that you can share your heart with. Don't isolate yourself. Talking about issues relieves stress. Remember this:

Openness is to wholeness as
Secrets is to Sickness

In scripture we are encouraged to ". . . bear each others' burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ." ( Gal. 6:2) If there is no one in your life right now - ask God to send someone. Don't be afraid to allow others to help you walk through stressful times.

The 3rd key to well-being under stress is also very simple:

Have a Positive Life Philosophy

As a Christian, mom always had a positive life philosophy. What a great example she was! Regardless of how tough things were - mom always knew that God was in control. Everything would be fine.

It's Not Easy . . . .

  • To apologize
  • To begin over
  • To be unselfish
  • To admit error
  • To be charitable
  • To keep trying
  • To be considerate
  • To avoid mistakes
  • To forgive and forget
  • To think and then act
  • To keep out of a rut
  • To make the best of little
  • To subdue an unruly temper
  • To shoulder a deserved blame
  • To recognize the silver lining,

...but - it always pays!

Mom always recognized the silver lining and because she was a Christian, she trusted in God and waited for Him to "Work all things together for good!" Romans 8:28

But how would I do?

As a single parent raising two children alone, my life was full of stress. I was caught in a vicious cycle of fear, anger, and stress. One day I decided to trust God and re-commit myself to His purposes and things began to change.

We cannot eliminate all the stress in our lives but there are several helpful things you can do to recognize the stressful situations and turn them around and make them work FOR you instead of against you.

Here are 5 ways to make stress work FOR you!

1. Remind yourself of past victories

It is important to write down and rehearse all God has done for you. Take time to build a "memorial" for the next generation just like the Israelites did. Tell your children and remind yourself, if God did it before - He can do it again!

2. Resist Fear

Your words bring life or death to a situation. Be careful about your words!

  • Words transfer into actions
  • Actions fix habits
  • Habits determine character
  • Character determines our destiny

    Remember - Resisting Fear - Relieves Stress!


    3. Re-Direct your thoughts . . . Memorize Scripture

    Begin now to memorize large portions of scripture. It will give you strength when you need it. Start with Psalm 121, "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help comes from the Lord. . . "

    4. Remember to Pray

    It's easy to talk, worry, fuss and fret about those stressful events and not stop to pray. Check out our new "Stress Reducer" magnet. It is a great reminder to pray!



When the stress is on - remember to pray!

* Prayer clears the vision

* strengthens purpose

* quiets the nerves

* sweetens the spirit

* defines duty

* and fortifies the soul

"The Lord will perfect that which concerns me." Psalm 138:8

This attractive magnet is teal and pink; size 3" x 2" It is available for a donation of $1.50 each which includes postage. See our Ministry Resources for information on how to order this item.


5. Rest in Confidence

Yes, after you've done these things: Reminded yourself of past victories; Resisted Fear; Re-directed your thoughts by memorizing scripture; Remembered to Pray: Now you can Rest in Confidence.

Psalm 46:10 reminds us to "Be still and know that I am God" and Psalm 138:8a tells us, "The Lord will perfect that which concerns me". Maybe it is physical, financial, emotion, spiritual - or maybe it's concern for your children or your job or a difficult relationship. God says whatever it is He will perfect all the things that concern us.

Our task is to give all of our cares to God and allow HIM to dispose of them.

Why don't you pray with me this simple prayer - right now! It's okay - God is willing and able to handle whatever it is you are carrying.

Dear Lord Jesus,

I thank you that you see me as a very precious, unique, individual. You know my pain and you hurt with me. You know the places where I am fearful and you are here to strengthen me.

You know the children we worry about, the health issues we face, and the financial pressures that are so tough. Lord, you know all about peer pressure, fitting in and how we worry about relationships.

But I am so grateful that these things don't overwhelm you. You are greater than anything that I am concerned with, and you said that you will "perfect that which concerns me . . ." so right now

I choose to let you have all the things that concern me today. I choose to trust you with each event that comes tomorrow.

I gather all these things and place them in your hands. I release every burden - right now! I thank you that I can face tomorrow because you do live and you love me unconditionally." Amen

 It is awesome to realize that God can do precisely what we need Him to do and He longs for us to trust Him enough to let Him do it!

At Mohr Ministries we are committed to helping you in any way we can.

For a copy of this complete teaching on cassette tape along with a detailed study guide, send a tax deductible gift of $5.00 or more to Mohr Ministries, at P.O. Box 23298, Mpls. MN 23298. Make checks payable to Mohr Ministries.

You can receive a "STRESS REDUCER" magnet for a gift of $1.50 for each magnet, which includes postage,or you may request five (5) magnets for $6.50, or ten (10) for $12.00 which includes postage. See our Ministry Resources for information on how to order this item.

Questions or comments?? You can reach us at

Joyfully Serving Jesus! Naomi :-)

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